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John Deere Ear Muff Hearing Protectors

$14.95 $10

Class 5 hearing protection. AS/NZS 1270.

Swedish designed “twin top” headband, for all day comfort.

Earmuffs rotate to allow hearing protector to hang around neck.

Top quality manufacture.


Product Description

  • Class 5 hearing protection. AS/NZS 1270.
  • Twin Top Headband – Equalises pressure to ensure day long comfort.  Cannot be stretched to reduce pressure, which would drop performance.
  • 180 degree Reversing Cups – Allows cups to spin into a parking position for around the neck.  The earmuff is always with you and adjustment remains in the correct position.  Folding earmuffs have to be readjusted and in pockets they pick up foreign bodies and debris.
  • Dielectric – All polymer construction can be used around electrical equipment and high voltage wires.
  • Wide low pressure Cushions – Day long comfort.  With wear time the most important factor in guaranteeing proper protection.  Comfort is essential.
  • Single Pivot Point – Ensures 360 degree cushions to face seal.  Fits the contours of various face shapes.

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Additional Information

Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 30 x 30 x 10 cm